MACH Martial Arts Championship 2016

Date: May 07, 2016
9:00am to 4:00pm

Location: Thomas Hart Middle School
4433 Willow Road
Pleasanton, CA 94588

It's that time of year again! Our annual tournament has been our most exciting event for 19 years and counting, and we encourage all our students to participate in this event - held exclusively for Mach Martial Arts members. Students of all ages and ranks are eligible to participate, and all participants will receive a trophy based on their performances. All ages and ranks are eligible for Poomsae and Breaking categories, and students who have begun sparring in class (Regular Yellow Belt & Up; Little Tiger Orange Belt & Up) are eligible to compete in the Sparring category.

**All Mach Martial Arts students are required to have 2 or more tournament experiences before earning their 1st degree black belts and at least one more tournament experience for each subsequent degree.

Tournament Overview:
*Event schedule, division structure, and judging criteria are all subject to change. Keep an eye on this page for any updates.
**Last updated on 3/4/16.

Tentative Schedule (Subject to change):
8:15 - 8:45AM - Athlete Arrival and Check-in
9:00 - 12:00PM - Poomsae & Breaking
*Grand Championship Preliminaries immediately follow completion of these categories*
12:00 - 12:30PM - Lunch Break
12:30 - 1:00PM - Opening Ceremony & Demonstrations
1:00 - 2:30PM - Sparring
2:30 - 3:30PM - Grand Championship Finals
3:30 - 4:00PM - Raffle give-away

Guest Admission: Competitors' entry fee includes admission for all guests of the competitiors.

Competitor Cards: Students will receive their competitor cards in class the week prior to the tournament. Competitors must bring this to the event. Ring, age, and division information is all on the card. The top right corner will have the ring number. Athletes will have to report to their assigned rings at the start of each category, and the center referees will then divide them into their respective divisions, which is represented by the circled number on the lower right.

Divisions: Masters and tournament organizers set divisions based on competitor's rank, age, size, and overall skill level. Mach Martial Arts reserves the right to combine or modify divisions with less than 3 or more than 5 competitors. Competitors may not add additional categories on the day of the competition.

Volunteers: Parent and student volunteers are welcome! We highly encourage parents of competitors as well as Mach Martial Arts black belts to volunteer. Some positions are available for students who are also competing in the competition. Applications are available at the front desk of your local dojang. Talk to your instructors to see which positions are available to you.

Lunch: All lunches must be pre-ordered before the event. Talk to your instructors to receive a lunch order form. Although it is not mandatory that competitors order their lunches from us, it should be noted that the tournament schedule is very strict. Any competitor who does not report to their ring on time may be disqualified.

Raffle: Raffle tickets should be pre-ordered prior to the event. At the event, the raffle box will be located either at the Master's table or the equipment table. Participants must keep one end of the tickets for their ticket numbers. Winners must be preset at the raffle calling in order to receive their prize.


Forms Divisions:
- Competitors may demonstrate the form they are most confident in.
- There will be three judges (including the center referee) per division.
- Little Tigers Beginners divisions will perform individually. After all competitors in the division have gone, judges will score each competitor based on their performance. Trophies will be awarded based on the final scores.
- All other divisions will be scored through bracket elimination. Two competitors perform at one time. Immediately following the round, judges will choose which competitor moves to the next round. Trophies are awarded based on the competitors' final position in the bracket.
- All ties are subject to a tie breaker round or further deliberation by the judges.
- Judges score based on demonstration of confidence, overall presentation, technical skill, and difficulty of form.
- All first place winners are eligible to compete in the Forms Grand Championship Preliminaries.

Breaking Divisions:
- Competitors are responsible for designing their own breaking routines and are responsible for bringing their own breaking materials. Wooden boards will be for sale at the event. Talk to your instructors about purchasing boards prior to the competition. Any other breaking materials must be supplied by the competitor.
- There will be three judges (including the center referee) per division.
- Volunteer holders will be available in each ring. Competitors may also choose parents or friends to hold for them ahead of time.
- There are no limitations to how long or short routines can be, but competitors will only have one minute to set up.
- Competitors will perform one at a time. Judges will present scores after all competitors within a division have gone. Trophies will be awarded based on the final scores.
- All ties are subject to further deliberation by the judges.
- Judges score based on whether the boards broke on the first attempt, confidence, overall presentation, creativity of the routine, and difficulty of the techniques.
- All first place winners are eligible to compete in the Breaking Grand Championship Preliminaries.

Sparring Divisions:
- All competitors must come in full sparring gear: shin & instep guards, forearm guards, chest protector, helmet, mouth gear, and groin cups (male only). Any competitor without full gear when their division is up may be disqualified.
- Competitor cards will designate which color chest gear students must face outwards.
- All black belt competitors and competitors aged 13 and up are allowed light kicking to the head. Heavy head contact may lead to point deductions or disqualification. There is no hand contact to the head. Illegal head contact for other divisions may also lead to point deductions or disqualifications.
- Warnings may be given out for excessive falling, excessively exiting the ring, grabbing, pushing, illegal contact (i.e. kicking below the belt), or other violations of sparring rules.
- Scores will be kept by two corner judges. Matches will be supervised by the center referees. Time will be kept by at least one volunteer timekeeper/recorder.
- Points will be awarded for solid instep contact to the chest gear. Head kicks (Black belt/13 & up) count as one point.
- Competitors will have two 1-minute matches with a single 15-second break in between.
- Matches are paired through bracket format. Competitors with the most points at the end of a match move up the bracket. Trophies are awarded based on final bracket position.
- Ties are subject to deliberation from the judges and will be determined by overall aggression and ring control.


Grand Championship Preliminaries:
- All 1st Place winners in Forms and Breaking divisions will be eligible to compete in the Grand Championship Preliminary rounds.
- Competitors will report to the ring they originally competed in. Breaking competitors will need to supply breaking materials once again.
- Forms will be scored via bracket elimination. Two competitors perform at once, and judges select who moves up the bracket. The competitor that makes it to the top of the bracket moves onto the Forms Grand Championship Finals.
- Breaking preliminaries are judged via score card. All competitors perform their breaking routine once, and judges will score at the end of all the routines. The single highest score will move onto the Breaking Grand Championship Finals. Ties are subject to deliberation from the judges.
- Grand Championship rounds are not mandatory. 1st place winners who do not report to the ring in time for preliminary rounds will be disqualified from Grand Championship rounds.
- Scheduled times for preliminaries are not set. 1st place winners should confirm timings with their center referees on the competition day.

Grand Championship Finals:
- Winners of the Preliminary rounds will move onto the Finals.
- Grand Championship Finals will be judged by the masters.
- Breaking competitors must supply breaking materials one last time.
- All competitors perform one at a time and a single winner is selected after deliberation from the judges.

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Mission Statement

Ultimately, martial arts is about respect - respect for oneself, respect for others, and respect for one's surroundings. Through disciplined physical and mental training, any student can learn the value of all-around respect and see what it means to be a true martial artist.