Upcoming Events

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  • February 9 (Friday) Recommendation for March Black Belt Test
  • February 10 (Saturday) Jump Rope Competition
  • February 19 President's Day (No Classes)
  • February 24 Breaking Competiton 
  • March 2 (Friday) Promotion Test 
    Pleasanton/ San Ramon:
     6 pm Little Tiger
     7 pm Regular White-Blue
  • March 3 (Saturday) Promotion Test 
    10:00 am -10:40 am Little Tiger Beginner/Intermediate

    10:45 am-11:25 am  Regular White-Blue
    11:30 am- 12:15 noon Regular/Little Tiger Green & Up

    Pleasanton/San Ramon: 1pm Green & Up (Sparring Gears)

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Mission Statement

Ultimately, martial arts is about respect - respect for oneself, respect for others, and respect for one's surroundings. Through disciplined physical and mental training, any student can learn the value of all-around respect and see what it means to be a true martial artist.