COVID-19 Update: All Mach Martial Arts facilities will remain closed for in-person classes until our counties permit our facilities to reopen. We will initially operate a hybrid program with a combination of online and in-person classes. Our primary goal is to find balance and common ground between the safety that online classes offer and the responsiveness that in-person training provides. Once a reopening date is confirmed, we will communicate our procedures going forward.

Extension Request Form

Membership Extension Request Form

Scroll down to fill out and submit your extension request form.
You will automatically receive a copy of the completed form via email.

Please View the Class Make Up and Membership Extension Policy below prior to submitting your extension request form.

1.  Class Make Ups:
a.  Must be an active member to make up classes.
NOTE:  Members can only make up classes if membership is current.
b.  If you miss a class for any reason, you can make up the class by attending any of the classes you are qualified for before testing for your next belt.
NOTE:  You cannot make up classes for missed training sessions from previous belts.
2.  Membership Extensions:
a.  Must submit the Extension Request Form below with a valid Doctor’s note and/or documentation for approval prior to going on break or immediately returning from break.
NOTE:  You will not be eligible for a membership extension if you fail to submit an extension request form prior to going on break and/or on the day of the first class upon return from break.
b.  The break must be longer than 10 days to be eligible for a membership extension with the following substantiating records:
1)  Valid Doctor’s note (if due to injury).
2)  Valid Documentation and/or Statement (if due to family emergency).
NOTE:  Any other personal reason will be approved on a case by case basis at the discretion of the membership director.
c.  Mach Martial Arts does not approve membership extensions for single class absences due to schoolwork, other arrangements, sicknesses, etc.
NOTE:  You are eligible to make up missed class (see Class Make Ups section above for details).
d.  You may choose to make up class/es or extend membership for school closures (Holidays, Tournaments, Etc.)
i.  If you choose to extend your membership for school closures; you must submit an extension request form within 5 days of the reopening of the school. You will not be eligible for membership extension if you fail to submit an extension request form on time.