Member Testimonials

“Our 8-year-old son, Aiden has been learning TKD from Master Sungwoo for almost three years. Most men in our family are black belts in TKD. Finding the best TKD master was one of our family commitments. When we decided to move to Dublin/Pleasanton area, we did lots of research regarding TKD schools to continue his TKD with the best master.  After putting him on the wait list for two and a half months, we finally met Master Sungwoo. At the very first class, we were amazed to see that his limitless energy overpowered all his students by providing consistent gentle guidance for each of them for the whole 40 minutes of the class. There was no question that our son would be continuing the long journey with Master Sungwoo.  Since then, TKD became a part of Aiden’s life.Mach Martial Arts Championship

Master Sungwoo is a gifted master of technique and philosophy, and he helps every individual reach his/her full potential. He is not only a very skilled and knowledgeable individual as a TKD Master, but also a tremendously patient and caring teacher. We could not ask for a better role model for Aiden. He has given Aiden a great path to follow.

Over this period of time, we have noticed tremendous positive changes in Aiden’s attitude and behavior. He has learned respect, gained physical confidence, and grown personally. Seeing the positive experiences Aiden is taking away from Mach Martial Arts is gratifying.

We have introduced Master Sungwoo’s class to our neighbors and other parents at Aiden’s school; whoever is interested in TKD. Many of them joined and/or are on the wait list to join. We hope more kids will have the chance to experience his incredible class.

Whether you are an experienced TKD athlete or completely new to TKD, Master Sungwoo, his instructors, and his staff members will make sure your needs are met. Master Sungwoo teaches with the perfect mix of patience and intensity that only comes from having a genuine passion for TKD and teaching.  If you are looking for a school that will not only teach your kids TKD, but help your kids become a better human being, then this is the place for you!

Thank you, Master Sungwoo, for not only being Aiden’s mentor, but also for standing by his side as his second parent.  You build better people. It is such a gift and we will be forever grateful!”

Aiden Kang’s Parents (Alan Kang & Sophia Hur)

I have done Taekwondo for 10 years now and it is not just a sport.  We call it your Taekwondo Journey, and it truly is a journey.  I have come to know and love myself through martial arts.  Furthermore, it allowed me to learn how to enjoy the process to self-betterment and self-improvement.  It is like a pledge to excellence; to always try my hardest and to reach a designated goal.  You would think that once you reach your goal, it’s over.  But in reality, we learn that it’s just the beginning to become even better.

Mach Martial Arts is special to me because it is my second home and everyone there is my family.

I really enjoy how students of all ages and ranks can come together to train.  All the instructions are very well thought out and organized.  Everything taught at Mach Martial Arts is made purely to benefit students in and out of Taekwondo.

What I love about Mach Martial Arts is the closeness of all my teammates and Mach  Martial Arts staff: they felt like family, so I always looked forward to going to class everyday.  Furthermore, the Dojang gave me a sense of purpose and responsibility in that I was given roles: being a Senior and an Instructor built leadership skills that I will have for the rest of my life.  They taught me how to be responsible, independent, helpful, and encourage and support others.  I wouldn’t have been able to build these skills without Mach Martial Arts.

Master Sungwoo knows his students.  He knew what I was capable of. I have a tendency to be lazy whenever possible (haha), so I tend to slack off when I feel that some exercises are not as important as others.  However, Master Sungwoo pushed me to my limits during competition classes, which helped me be the athlete I am, and I would not have been able to make it as far as I did without Master Sungwoo.

Thank you!

My name is John Lengyel, presently a Second Dan / Yellow Tip / Black Belt at Mach Martial Arts. I am a husband, a father, a former soccer coach with SRSC, a former BSA Cub Pack leader (Pack 201 San Ramon), a community activist, supporter and promoter of the fantastic local business community here in the Tri Valley and SF Bay Area. I am a sales business development professional for the country’s largest internet services provider and one of the worlds leading Entertainment, Media and Technology companies. I am also a retired decorated Army Veteran of a foreign war, Desert Shield/Desert Storm, where I proudly served my country with the California Army National Guard unit; 970th MP Company, 143rd MP Battalion under the 800th MP Brigade.

Now 53 years old, I have studied various martial arts since the age of 7 along with my brothers and father at times. I became a student of Mach Martial Arts in San Ramon 10 years ago in March of 2010 just after watching my son attain his 1st Dan. I was fortunate that the school introduced an adult TKD, fitness and MMA class that worked for my evening availability (Thank you Mr Carl and Ms Claudia). I had never lost the bug for training but the amazing Ahn family, the trainers and leadership at MMA, welcomed me and treated me like family so my passion for training and their school blossomed. In March of 2014 I finally received my 1st Dan Black Belt alongside my son Nick who received his 2nd Dan which was one of the proudest moments of my life as a father and student of martial arts. I highly recommend martial arts to help young and old alike to stay fit, stay limber, be respectful of self and of others and to continually grow in mind, body and soul. Mach Martial Arts represents the very best in all aspects of a martial arts school and for us they have become a part of our family. I hope to continue my martial arts journey, at present training virtually through zoom during the shelter in place, with my goal to attain my 4th Dan, MASTER RANK, before I turn 60. I won’t be stopping even after I reach my goal and will continue as long as my body and spirit allow. I hope to be training, as part of the Mach Martial Arts and Ahn family, well into my senior years.

My son Nick Lengyel, who just turned 21 in April is presently a Second Dan / Red Tip / Black Belt at Mach Martial Arts. He began training at the San Ramon Dojang when he was just 5 years old in the MMA Little Tiger Program alongside his sister Becca age 7. He is presently a student of the business undergraduate program at SJSU and works part time for Amazon/Whole Foods while he completes his studies. He is set to graduate in May of 2021 and seek a position in marketing or business development locally. In his first year at SJSU he joined D.S.P., a fraternity just off campus, where he was soon elected to the position of Vice President. In the two years to follow he would lead the local chapter as President. Nick is also an Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable with the Boy Scouts of America. He is strong, respectful, helpful and always carries with him a Black Belt attitude and spirit which he developed at Mach Martial Arts. Nick was a member of the San Ramon Mach Demo Team, an assistant instructor to the Little Tiger program and a volunteer at numerous championships and other Mach summer camps and activities over the years. My family and I can’t thank the Ahn and MMA family for all they have done to help my son to grow and develop into the amazing young adult he is today. I hope Nick finds a way to return to MMA after he completes his studies as I would be honored to continue our training together. Hopefully someday, not too far off, my future grandkids with be joining us as well.

Over the years we have trained, grown, competed and become better people thanks to Mach Martial Arts. My family and I will always remember and cherish the many Summer camps, holiday parties, jump rope competitions, board breaking competitions, family runs, black belt and year end celebrations and countless demonstrations.. TKD is not just a sport. A Black Belt is not just a rank. Mach Martial Arts is just not a training center.

Mach Martial Arts has been an amazing experience for my daughter. I remember her first day in the little tiger class 2 years ago. She was nervous yet super excited to learn martial arts with kids of similar age. We originally enrolled her so she could learn some basic martial art skills, but we never imagined what she would gain from the studio was a whole lot more! Master Sungwoo is a great teacher. His experience and passion as a master really resonates with his students. You can tell he really cares about his students and their success. My daughter enjoys & respects his teaching style. He’s strict and disciplined when necessary, yet funny and nurturing. Among many things, she has learned self motivation, discipline, leadership skills, and respect for herself and others. One year, Master Sungwoo told the students about his family tradition for Mother’s Day, which was to show respect to mothers in his family by washing their feet. My daughter came home and wanted to do that for me and her grandmother. It was the sweetest thing! The staff is very helpful and communicates well to keep us informed by email, text, or phone. Through the years, taekwondo went from a fun activity to try, to now focusing her energy on attaining her first black belt. We are so lucky to have found Mach Martial
Arts and even though we moved last year, we will be a part of this studio for a long time!

What Mach Martial Arts has given my son and our family is not only the highest level of athleticism in the sport of Taekwondo as well as the deeply grounded ethical and motivational spirit that is inherent in the sport, they have instilled drive and passion for success.
My oldest, Julian Chang who is now 17, started at the San Ramon dojang 11 years ago.  Not only is he still practicing Taekwondo, he now competes at the highest level, on the National and International stage.  He medals, he wins, he made our national team, Team USA, multiple times.  All this is directly attributable to his Master, Sungwoo Ahn.
I always tell people you send your child to Mach Martial Arts to learn excellent Taekwondo and it’s teachings by an exceptional teacher.  And if you decide like my son did that you want to compete at the very top, Master Sungwoo is capable of taking you there.
Julian is not the only champion taught by Master Sungwoo.  There are countless, so many others from Mach and that fact alone is remarkable. They were all taught the best of the sport by the best of teachers.  Their successful results are proof that what Master Sungwoo does and how he does it, works.
We gave him saplings and he raised us a giant forest.