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Preparing for the Black Belt Test: General Information

The information provided below is ONLY a guide.

Mach Martial Arts hosts two black belt tests per year:  March and September.  
Exam duration:  Every day for One (1) month

Taekwondo is a self-paced sport, so many athletes will test at different times; when you feel ready and have completed all your requirements.

This page will briefly describe the Testing Process/Timeline, so you can prepare yourself ahead of time and understand all requirements.

The Black Belt Testing Process has three (3) Phases.

1.  The First Phase: The Pre-Recommendation will usually be held approximately two months prior to the one (1) month long Black Belt Test (end of January and end of July).

The purpose of the Pre-Recommendation Class is to give our students an idea of how they will be tested during the actual Recommendation. This is similar to a practice test and there is no pass or fail.

2.  The Second Phase: The Recommendation will usually be held at the end of the month prior to the Black Belt Test (end of February and end of August).

The Recommendation is mandatory if a student wants to become a Black Belt Testing Candidate. During the Recommendation, students will be tested on their requirements (All Past Forms, Kicking Combinations, & Knowledge regarding Taekwondo) and will be evaluated by the Masters to see if they are ready.

If a student passes the Recommendation:  The student will become a Black Belt Testing Candidate and the Master or Instructor will provide him/her with a deadline to submit the Black Belt Test Application.

If a student does not pass the Recommendation:  The Master or Instructor will recommend specific goals tailored to the individual student so he/she can test at the next Black Belt Test.

3.  The Third Phase: The Black Belt Test will be held in March and September.  This is a month-long testing event culminating with the Black Belt Ceremony, so bear in mind the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges throughout this process.

ALL Requirements MUST be met prior to the date of the Recommendation (Second Phase).  Specific # of Requirements will be formally announced prior to each Black Belt Test.  General Requirement categories are shown below:

Leadership Seminar
Taekwondo Tournaments
Test Assists
Class Assists
Class Attendance

During the Black Belt Test (Third Phase), students will be required to know/perform all the forms and kicks they learned from Orange to Black/White Belt.  Check requirements:

They will also be required to memorize and recite the Black Belt Oath: