Mach Martial Arts Promotion Test Sat 10/8
Taekwondo+Dance Performance on Wed 10/12 6PM @ the Historic Herbst Theatre in SF

About our Studio

Honest Mind. Right Thinking. Loving Heart. Strength in the Body.
– Mach Martial Arts

Mission Statement

Iwant to have a love of self; the ability to self-reflect and possess self-awareness that surpasses my current state and condition.  I want to love others in the same manner, because the capacity to love others will grow exponentially more when I truly come to love myself.  I want to love wisely and not sparingly; to strive to excel in all I do, in all that I put my mind to, in every aspect of being “human.” I want to present the best version of myself to others in mind, body, soul and spirit.  I want to strive not for perfection, but for wholeness. I want to influence the future generations to realize their full-potential; in essence, to foster a safe environment where they can learn to accomplish their greatest feat in life:  to love themselves to the fullness they deserve to be loved.

History of Mach Martial Arts

Grandmaster Jooyoung Ahn’s philosophy of life was simple because he realized that “less is more.” He believed that the only constant in life is change and that no man is an island… He knew deep within his heart that if he could plant just one small seed of hope and confidence in every child that comes through his doors, they would grow up to be UNSTOPPABLE.

Therefore, he, together with his wife, Mrs. Hyunsook Ahn, established Mach Martial Arts in Fremont, CA more than 25 years ago, with the simple and humble dream of creating a Taekwondo Family; a safe community amidst the constant change of life, where students of all ages can find their sense of belonging, to feel loved, be free to explore and train. Since then, they passed down their personal philosophy to their two sons; Master Sungjin Ahn and Master Sungwoo Ahn.

Master Sungjin Ahn is the head master at Fremont Mach Martial Arts. He resides in Pleasanton, CA with his wife, Jihye Ahn and daughter, Kristen Ahn. Kristen Ahn is currently a marital arts student at Fremont Mach Martial Arts.

Master Sungwoo Ahn is the head master at Pleasanton Mach Martial Arts. He resides in Danville, CA with his father, Grandmaster Jooyoung Ahn; his mother, Mrs. Hyunsook Ahn; his wife, Daria Ahn; and two daughters, Sophrosyne Ahn and Ariadne Ahn. Sophrosyne Ahn is currently a martial arts student at Pleasanton Mach Martial Arts.

We have been teaching the martial art / sport of Taekwondo since 1997 and have schools in two (2) different locations within the East Bay Area; Fremont and Pleasanton. We teach in the World Taekwondo style which is the Olympic style of Taekwondo. We certify all of our black belts with Kukkiwon, the organization that certifies all black belts in Taekwondo all around the world.

Benefits of Taekwondo

Increase self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, control and focus, social interactions, teamwork, have and show respect for self and others, learn to fail and/or never give up, learn to accomplish goals and enjoy the process.

Teach in the World Taekwondo Style (Olympic Style Taekwondo).

Black Belt certification with Kukkiwon (the official governing body established by the South Korean government for Taekwondo, which is embraced globally as the standard of excellence in Taekwondo training as a martial art).