On-Site Protocols

On-Site Protocols until further notice

1.     Effective, Monday, July 12, 2021, reservations are no longer required to attend on-site classes.

2.    Spectators:

a.     To minimize the number of people in the facility, ONLY training members will be permitted inside the facility.

b.     Parents may observe from the outside while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

3.     Facial covering required:

a.     Facial coverings may be removed ONLY when drinking water to rehydrate.

b.     If you arrive without a facial covering, you will not be permitted in the facility.

c.     The school may have disposable masks on sale.

4.     Dress code:

a.     We encourage all members to come in full uniform and belt but wearing any comfortable clothes to training will be permitted for the time-being. 

5.     Limited use of restroom:

a.     We encourage you to use your restrooms at home BEFORE attending class.

b.     There will be limited access to our facilities to minimize the spread of germs, and to keep the facilities as sanitary as possible. 

6.      Leave all non-essential belongings at home:

a.     Non-essential items including but not limited to books, toys, etc.

b.     All training members will have a small, designated storage area.

7.     Changes to the class schedule:

a.     Class schedule change is inevitable. As capacity limits increase, we will adjust our schedule to accommodate more on-site members. We will do our best not to make any drastic changes and provide advance notice. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

8.     Drop-off:

a.     Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class to allow for check-in procedures.

b.     An instructor will coordinate students being dropped off at the front of the facilities.

        i.     Six feet social distancing: Members will be placed 6 feet apart and will be permitted into the facilities one member at a time (members MUST be wearing a mask before getting in line).

        ii.     Temperature check: We currently do not check temperature at this time.

c.     Check-in: 

        i.     Once permitted into the facilities, students will be checked into training for attendance credit and will be required to store their shoes or change into their Taekwondo (TKD) shoes (only to be worn inside the facilities).

        ii.     Wearing of non-slip socks will be permitted until further notice.

d.     Hand Sanitizing Station:

        i.     After shoe storage or changing into TKD shoes, each member will sanitize their hands and proceed to their designated training area on the mat. 

e.       Designated training area:

        i.     Although we know the members enjoy socializing and running around the mat space, this is another way we are trying to minimize contact and practice social distancing for safety. 

        ii.     Members will have a designated training area marked by indicators on the mat and will be required to stay in their designated area.

        iii.     Masters/Instructors will regulate the flow of the training while making sure the members remain 6 feet apart.

f.      After training:

        i.     After bowing out, members will be escorted out to: 

1)     Pick up their shoes or change back into their street shoes.

2)     Sanitize their hands.

3)     Meet their parent/guardian outside.

a.     We ask parents to be ON TIME when picking up child(ren).