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This week, we are going over the power of vision. We are encouraging students the following in Taekwondo class:

    • Close your eyes and create a vision of the best version of yourself
    • There are no limitations to your vision in your mind
    • Without a clear vision of where you are headed, you might get stuck in the same place
    • Always create a clear vision of your future self and work towards that vision to make it a reality
We become the emotion that we practice everyday.
Emotions are the boundaries of our beliefs, and our thoughts/feelings are our attitudes. Our Beliefs are an automatic program that have been hardwired into our brains. Therefore, attitudes become our beliefs and our beliefs become our perceptions, and ultimately these attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions become who we are.
This means that if we feel a sense of lack; feeling undeserving, unloveable, unworthy, and have a “I can’t do it” mentality, that is the sense of self that we subconsciously bring about into the future. An end product of an experience is an emotion and this emotion usually becomes programmed into our subconscious mind. If we continue to associate negative emotions of our past hurt, suffering, and problems, our bodies become comfortable with these negative emotions because that is all our bodies come to know and when this happens, we naturally gravitate towards these emotions because it’s what we are familiar with. The scary thing about what’s comfortable is that it becomes our default; the first thing we go to as soon as things get hard.
So, what is the Power of Vision? 
Our bodies are so subjective that by envisioning a future and associating an emotion to that future, the body believes that it is reality. It cannot differentiate reality from vision because conditioning only needs a thought + a feeling or a memory/image + an emotion. We merely need a stimulus (memory/image) and a response (emotion) to reach our goal.
This all sounds too easy, but there will be discomfort in the beginning because you are going against what’s comfortable and stepping into the unknown. The hardest part is making the decision to change and rehearse/practice towards the future self You created (envisioned); to condition your body into the future of the person who is worthy of love, life, freedom, happiness, etc.
We LITERALLY create the future that we want right here and now by envisioning the future that we want and practicing the emotions of this new life that we created for ourselves by replacing the old feelings of hurt and pain with new feelings of happiness and contentment.
We become the creators of our lives instead of remaining victims to it and watch our lives change right before our eyes.