Terms and Conditions


I hereby state my intent to enroll myself and/or my child/ren in the training program offered by Mach Martial Arts (MMA). I hereby agree to abide by all the rules, regulations, code of personal conduct, customs and ceremonies as set forth by MMA.

I certify that I am in good health and that I know of no impairment to my health that would prevent me from taking the courses and training provided by MMA. I fully understand that martial arts training requires strenuous physical activity including physical contact. I fully understand that martial art is a combat sport and I am aware of the risks involved in training in a combat sport. I agree to assume the risk of any adverse effect on my health due to participation in martial arts training, demonstrations, organized competitions and all activities. I further agree to assume the risk of personal injury resulting from participation in the courses and training provided by MMA.

In consideration of the privilege of participating in the activities of the MMA, I agree to assume all risk of personal injury while attending or participating in any activity conducted by or connected with the MMA. I fully understand that martial arts training and activities involve physical activities which could result in personal injury. I hereby waive any potential claim against the MMA which could result from participation in martial arts training and activities. I further agree to waive any such claim against anyone connected or associated with the MMA.

Mach Martial Arts (MMA) has a strict no refund policy. Please sign up for the duration of the program you are willing to commit to as MMA does not give refunds for any reason.

1.  If a student displays poor attitude, unacceptable and distracting behavior, behavior that affects the class and/or training sessions; student may be transferred to a private lesson program.
3.  As the MMA athlete and as ambassadors of the MMA Program and the sport of martial arts, MMA athletes and members are held to a high standard by the MMA, the community and the public. Responsible conduct advances the interest of the sport of martial arts, members, and the program. Conversely, irresponsible conduct by a member tarnishes the reputation of the both affected member and the MMA and undermines the positive image set by other members and athletes of the program. Discipline may be imposed for misconduct, which includes without limitation, the following examples:
a.  Conduct that undermines or puts at risk the integrity and reputation of the MMA
b.  Derogatory or offensive conduct, including without limitation insulting language, symbols, or actions about a person’s ethnic background, heritage, color, race, national origin, age, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation;
c.  Inappropriate physical, verbal, and online behaviors (such as inappropriate statements made via e-mail, text messaging or social networks);
d.  Conduct that undermines or puts at risk the MMA or promotion of an MMA event

1.  Class Make Ups:
a.  Must be an active member to make up classes.
NOTE:  Members can only make up classes if membership is current.
b.  If you miss a class for any reason, you can make up the class by attending any of the classes you are qualified for before testing for your next belt.
NOTE:  You cannot make up classes for missed training sessions from previous belts.
2.  Membership Extensions:
a.  Must submit an “Extension Request” form with a valid Doctor’s note and/or documentation for approval prior to going on break or immediately returning from break.
NOTE:  You will not be eligible for a membership extension if you fail to submit an extension request form prior to going on break and/or on the day of the first class upon return from break.
b.  The break must be longer than 10 days to be eligible for a membership extension with the following substantiating records:
1)  Valid Doctor’s note (if due to injury).
2)  Valid Documentation and/or Statement (if due to family emergency).
3)  Any other personal reason will be approved on a case by case basis at the discretion of the membership director.
c.  Mach Martial Arts does not approve membership extensions for single class absences due to schoolwork, other arrangements, sickness, etc.
NOTE:  You are eligible to make up missed class (see Class Make Ups for further details).
d.  You may choose to make up class/es or extend membership for school closures (Holidays, Tournaments, Etc.)
i.  If you choose to extend your membership for school closures; you must submit an extension request form within 5 days of the reopening of the school. You will not be eligible for membership extension if you fail to submit an extension request form on time.

There are no hidden costs. Below is a list of additional investments that you will come across on your Martial Arts Journey towards Black Belt and/or during your participation in the Mach Martial Arts (MMA) program.

There are testing fees to cover the expense of the belt promotion that includes student’s new belt, testing materials, MMA certificate, and registration expenses. The testing fee starts from $50 and increase as the student promote to higher level classes and training. Fees are subject to change depending on improvements of the testing procedures and our organization’s affiliations.

At orange belt, the student will need to purchase MMA approved sparring gears. The investment will include all the safety equipment necessary to ensure proper and safe training.

REQUIRED SEMINARS AND CAMPS – Pricing is available upon request
Our schools provide special seminars and camps MMA students MUST graduate in order to reach certain rank and belt. These programs are provided for the benefit of our students to learn leadership skills, gain more knowledge about the Taekwondo philosophy, stay up to date on the most current rules and regulations of the sport of Taekwondo, and opportunities to become certified referee and/or test examiner.
Other optional additional investments:
One –on–One Training, Add-on Training Programs, Parent’s Night Out, Spring Break Camps, Summer Camps, Specialty Seminars, Birthday Parties, Specialized Training Camp, Etc.

 By participating in the Mach Martial Arts (MMA) classes, promotion tests, events, competitions, and other affiliated events, I understand that me, and/or my minor child, and/or my family might be photographed or filmed.
I hereby grant permission to MMA and its affiliates and subsidiaries to interview, photograph, and/or videotape me and/or my minor child; and/or to use and permit to use, print, and publish without payment and compensation for any purpose whatsoever including advertising, publicity, and internet purposes. The Picture, Images, Video Clips and/or Films may appear in color or black and white, may be distorted, blurred, or altered. I waive any right to inspect or approve the Pictures, Images, Video Clips and/or Films or any written copy that may be used in connection with the Pictures, Images, Video Clips and/or Films.
I release, hold harmless and waive any claims against MMA related to Pictures, Images, Video Clips and/or Films or the exercise of the rights granted herein, including claims for compensation, claims of defamation or any claims regarding rights of privacy or publicity.
This release shall also be applicable to MMA’s officers, directors, employees and agents, including without limitation the photographer and any advertising agency who may be involved in creating and disseminating the Pictures, and any newspaper, magazine or other publication in which the Pictures, Images, Video Clips and/or Films may appear.
I also understand that publication of the Pictures, Images, Video Clips and/or Films is within the sole discretion of MMA and that they may not be used at all.

I have read the policies & given information and agree to all terms and conditions.