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This week’s Class Topic is FIGHT TO WIN.

– Fight to Win means doing your best to go for the Gold instead of just trying not to lose.
– When you “try not to lose” you are just doing the bare minimum so you don’t fail, or feel embarrassed of your shortcomings.
– When you fight to win, you only care about doing your 100% best no matter what happens! Take smart risks, go above and beyond, and go for the win!

What does it truly mean? Fighting to win?
I believe it comes from the essence of who we are as human beings.

Most of us don’t live up to our full potential. We live by default and not by design.
We allow ourselves to be limited by our fears, shame, embarrassment, anxieties, worries, and pain from the past as opposed to embracing an abundant mindset. 

When we fight to win, having a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely (SMART) goal is a pre-requisite; We have somewhere to go and a vision to follow. This allows us to be mindful with everything that we do. When we have a destination, our fears diminish because we are no longer lost. We are no longer in the “unknown.” We know exactly where we are going and we will make a conscious promise to ourselves that we will not give up and that we will get there no matter what.

Fighting to win allows us to be intentional with our heart’s deepest longings and desires because we know deep down inside that Greatness doesn’t happen by accident. 

By being intentional, we face our fears head-on because we now hold ourselves accountable. We make practicing failure a normal and routine part of our daily lives and we can accept the fact that we neither have to be perfect to reach our end goal or place our worth and identity in our performance.

Let’s practice Fighting to Win instead of trying not to lose.