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We are teaching students the importance of self-control this week.

We have heard time and time again that we must control ourselves; our mind, our body, our attitude, etc. But how important is self-control to our lives really?

Imagine your future self.

One who has everything that you have ever wanted and needed.
This future-you lives in abundance;
You have all the money, all the love, all the “everything” that you want.

Now, to get to this person, you must Practice, rehearse, and play out that future life; how this future-you looks, acts, and feels. The way this future-you walks and talks. The way this future-you carries him or herself.

Ask yourself: Does this future-you living in abundance look happy or sad to be alive? Does this future-you seem to be worried about the little things in life?

We don’t become happy by waiting for a moment of happiness, we are happy the moment we decide that we are. We don’t find the love of our lives by waiting for him to show up, we attract them to ourselves by being able to love ourselves. We don’t become rich by waiting for the lottery, we become rich by deciding to create a plan or make something. We step into our future-selves by being the creators of our lives, not the victims of our lives.

When you lose self-control, you are taking away from the positive energy that is needed for you to walk into your future-you at this very moment. You are wasting your energy on trivial moments and matters. Each and every thought and emotion has an impact on the person we are becoming.

Negative thoughts and reactions come together and become negative beliefs, which in turn come together and become negative perceptions, which become negative personalities and ultimately a negative life.

On the contrary, positive thoughts and reactions come together and become positive beliefs, positive perceptions, personalities, and ultimately a positive life.

Yes, self-control can be difficult at times. Any change is always difficult because we are stepping out of our comfort zone, but this is the only way to become better. The first step is always the most difficult, but the definitive moment that you decide to change, is the very moment you have become your future self.