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What is a Beginner’s Mind?

Do you ever wonder why when we become too confident we start making mistakes?

As a beginner, our mind is open to all the possibilities and wonder of learning. As we improve and get better, we naturally close our mind to more possibilities. This is why as we continue to train and practice as a martial artist, we strive to keep the same beginner mindset so we don’t miss our chances to learn new skills.

We strive to be infinitely curious so that we can approach any task or duty with humility.
Sometimes, this is difficult to do because it may be uncomfortable to register information that conflicts with our existing beliefs. It requires us to become aware of how we think and bring into our awareness things we do automatically.

Therefore, the beginner’s mind allows us to stop being a slave to our old thoughts so we can have an attitude of openness when learning about something we believe we already know.

As parents, we can help our students at home by:

  1. When practicing something, encourage students to focus on the parts they don’t know instead of the parts they do know.
  2. Try to see the details that you might not normally notice.
  3. Be thankful. Don’t take things for granted and appreciate every moment as a gift.