If you're inclined to share

This week, we are working on developing a sense of Pride in our students; for them to feel proud of themselves.
We will work on instilling the following at the Dojang:
  1. Having massive self-confidence in your abilities by practicing consistently and through repetition.
  2. We practice as hard as we do so we can have pride in our mental, physical, and social skills and abilities.
  3. Pride does not come from talking, it comes from backing up our words with our actions and following through/keeping our word, etc.
Example: Like a lion standing still and proud, we strive to have pride in ourselves and let our actions do the talking.
Parents! We ask you to help students practice being proud of themselves at home by reminding them the key word, “PRIDE” so they can feel proud of themselves for all the things they accomplished on their own:
  1. Doing homework to the best of your abilities.
  2. Creating healthy habits like eating fruits and vegetables.
  3. Waking up early without being asked by parents.
  4. Making your bed/cleaning your room without being asked by parents.
  5. Having good posture, standing tall, and looking presentable so people can tell that you are proud of yourself.