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This week we will discuss the topic of Passion.

In the Anime world of Dragon Ball Z, we call it,

“Super Saiyan Berserk mode.”

Some people describe it as…

So much motivation that it makes work
feel like it isn’t work.

This Passion that we are searching for is this mythical/mystical thing.
It makes all the hard things easy and all your obstacles fall to the wayside.
But we soon realize that nothing makes the hard stuff easy and the obstacles are still there.
So we keep searching and we still can’t find it.
Passion is not something that just appears out of nowhere, it can be identified and understood by discovering more about yourself.
The default question is “How do we find passion?”
What we need to be asking ourselves is “What is passion?”
Passion is at the intersection of what you like doing and what you are good at doing.
For you to become “Passionate” about something, there are a few elements that must align. It is like a “recipe” for Passion.
While you ask yourself and reflect on the following, think about the specific qualities that you enjoy about what you like (For example: Taekwondo. What do you love about Taekwondo?):
1. Spiritual component: Ask yourself “What gets you excited about Taekwondo?” “What is fulfilling about Taekwondo?” (This can and may be different for everyone).
2. Neurological (Mental) component: Some people are problem solvers and are analytical. Some of us are more creative. Some people like things in an orderly fashion. Ask yourself “What kind of person am I?” “What part of the brain do I like using?” When and how do I use that in Taekwondo?
3. Physiological (Bodily) component: When is your body in the most comfortable state? When are you the most in your element? Are you an early bird? Are you a night owl? Do you like being spontaneous or do you like routine? How do these parts of me relate to Taekwondo?
4. Environmental: Are you more individualistic or do you like Team Work? Do you like being out in the open? Do you like nature? Do you like being indoors?

This can be applied to more than just Taekwondo. It can even be applied to your search for what you want to do/be in Life.

Remember, if you care about something and like it, it’s easier to give it 100%. And when you are able to give it 100%, you will be able to bring the best value.
It should feel natural and motivating because all the components you thought about are aligning properly. Therefore, you can perform at an optimal level.
Asking these fundamental questions will naturally lead you to understand yourself better and become more self aware, and ultimately, unlock the Passion that lies within you.